Rust In Pieces

We knew it’d happen eventually. We just hoped it’d happen in the yard and not up in the hills.

Our Mazda 323 is, essentially, dead. Still runs, but it won’t move. For months the CV joint has been making clunking noises on right turns. Today it finally went. We think it dropped a piece or two somewhere near Eden Valley or Mount Pleasant as we were driving back from orienteering. Then going up a big hill outside Gumeracha it made a final clunk and wouldn’t go any further. So Darrin backed it up and across the road so it was off the pavement, rang up his brothers, and we got a lift home. Once we got home and had some lunch, he rang up some salvage yards to see if anyone wanted it. He finally found one who’d drive out to Gumeracha and pick it up. So we’re waiting to hear from the guy again to see if the cost of towing it is less than the money we’d get from selling it to them, but either way, they can take it. It’d cost more than the car is worth to get it fixed properly, and it’s served its purpose.

For the time being, we’ll have to rely on buses and rides from friends. We’re looking for a decent replacement, but today there’s nothing much in our price range. But hey, at least we’re not (directly) paying for petrol.

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