It’s actually comforting to hear other women say “I had EXACTLY that when I was pregnant!” because, really, I don’t feel like the few symptoms I have at the moment should mean that I’m pregnant. I mean, the queasiness when I don’t eat has never happened before, but I’m sure some people feel like that anyway when they’re not pregnant. And the fact I’m getting up at 4 am several mornings a week to use the toilet isn’t that uncommon – it used to happen just about every night for the first month or so after we got married (which was probably just getting used to having another person in the bed). So when I hear other people say they had sore hips if they lay on one side too long, or their pants felt tight even when they were LOSING weight, or anything else, it does help to confirm that I really am pregnant and not just imagining it. 😉

Bring on the second trimester…I miss having an appetite!