Random thoughts on pregnancy

Okay, not really “random” since we have a theme, but so what?

  • Swollen ankles/feet/legs are not fun. The prescribed treatment/prevention for this (keeping legs elevated and resting) is also not fun for someone who hates just sitting around doing nothing. Luckily the worst of it only lasted a couple days (thanks to 2 – or was it 3 – days of temperatures over 40). Not to mention the fact that when I DID put my feet up, after about 10-15 minutes, my right foot would go numb and I’d have to move it again anyway.
  • I don’t buy the idea that when you’re pregnant, your mental ability goes down the tubes. Mine certainly hasn’t. And Darrin’s sister-in-law, who just had a baby in December and always hated math, did a math course during her pregnancy and found out she actually likes it. How could this happen if pregnancy is supposed to make you stupid? This link explains what I think of the whole idea – basically that although pregnant women feel like they perform worse, there’s really no difference. So it sounds like it’s one of those things that we’re conditioned to believe because everybody says it, even though there’s no proof.
  • I am now at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been. I even weigh more than Darrin.
  • We have a nappy bag now. Go-Lo (one of those clearance stores) was selling some duffel bags 2 for $10, or $12.99 each. Yeah, go figure. So we’ve got a nappy bag and a backup, which I reckon I’ll pack as an emergency hospital bag in case we end up going to hospital at the last minute.
  • I have a list of possible names. Had 13 boys names and 16 girls names, then Darrin crossed off two boys names. I’ve been pickier with the boys names because that’s what I think we’ll need, but it pays to have a backup anyway. (And before you ask, I’m not ready to post any of them here yet, and may not be till we post the birth announcement.)
  • One of these days I’ll start washing the baby clothes and nappies that are sitting in the laundry room. I’d prefer to wait till I get another two packs of nappies, so I only have to do it once, but we’ll see what happens.
  • Okay, here’s a question. There’s this “nesting” thing that tends to happen shortly before a woman gives birth, where she goes on a mad cleaning/organising frenzy or something. But I get these phases all the time, since long before I was pregnant, so how do I know if it’s that or nesting when it starts to happen? I get these moods once every month or so, where I do ALL the cleaning in a couple hours, then start on doing 2-3 different cooking projects, and Darrin doesn’t know what’s hit him when he gets home that night.
  • Maternity clothes are ridiculously expensive and/or ugly. So far I’ve managed with 3 shirts, 1 pair of pants, and 1 pair of shorts, plus some shirts, pajama pants, and shorts that I had before. But that’s not gonna last.
  • This is one that I decided many many years ago, at (I think) my cousin Angie’s baby shower. Nobody is EVER wrapping toilet paper around my pregnant belly, no matter how much they beg, plead, or call me a wet blanket. Never.

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