Prepare yourselves for a new look to the site…

This weekend I decided I wanted to try out a content management system (CMS) for the web site. I looked at one that I THOUGHT I liked, but when Darrin tried to install it, all he got was a headache. So I looked for something else. And I came up with one called PostNuke. And we installed it (with a couple minor adjustments), and it works quite nicely, so we’re switching over to it completely. I’ve finished transferring most of the old pages over to this new format (including SEVENTY EIGHT FME issues, FORTY FOUR parodies, and SIXTY FIVE past news articles. Plus all the odds & ends that don’t fit in any particular category. Phew.

You can preview this new site if you wish (who are we kidding, you’re curious, you KNOW you are). Soon though, very soon, it will be the standard for Enjoy.

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