{mosimage}So yeah, part of the reason I haven’t been posting much lately is because I’ve been too tired/nauseous to do so. And because Caleb comes and tries to drag me off if I’ve been sitting at the computer longer than two seconds. The nausea is starting to fade though, so I’m hoping to feel more like posting, and playing with Caleb, and whatever else that I’ve been neglecting the last couple months.

Veggie garden is going strong. I’ve harvested five broccoli heads and have two more (plus one with side shoots) still growing. And I now have heads on all four cauliflower plants, but they’re looking yellow. I guess they’re not kidding about tying the leaves over the head once it forms…. I also have some strawberry flowers, and I moved all my potted plants over next to the main garden so I don’t have to go more than one place to water everything. And on Christmas eve, I went to a nursery and bought some seedlings & plants – 1 capsicum, 2 zucchini, 4 cucumbers. I put one of the cucumbers in a hanging basket and the other three in small pots. The zucchini & capsicum are also in pots, because my little patch is filled up. No idea what’s up with my pumpkins & watermelons – they’ve been flowering for a month or so but there’s no fruit that I can see. I’ve read something about rubbing the male flowers on the female flowers to fertilise them, but I can’t tell which is which.

Caleb has another new molar. Well, half of it anyway. This just leaves the last two on top. Would be great if they both appeared before his sibling is born, but we’ll see. My last ones came through when I was 2 and a few months, which is about what he’ll be then, and he’s been teething at about the same rate I did.

Due to interest rates dropping THREE times since our last quarterly mortgage statement, we are now making progress on our loan. As in, our payments are finally more than our interest. Yay. Our statement now says 16 years remaining instead of the 21 it said a year ago.

Tomorrow is going to be the first stinking hot day of the summer. Over the next week, the coolest day is supposed to be 27 (80F) on Thursday, and tomorrow? 41 in the city, 42 (108F) in our area. So yeah, I’ll just be staying home with the air conditioner on full blast, thanks. That or camping out in the shower.

Pretty sure that’s everything I was thinking to post about.

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