Post for 29 November 2007

We’re in another heat wave. It’s supposed to last through the weekend.

So anyway, Caleb & I went shopping this morning. First we went to the RAA office to hand in some paperwork, then off to Parabanks to Big W to get cat food & cat litter. Oh, and Darrin says there’s a bunch of redbacks in the shed, so I got a 3-pack of insect bombs too. And on my way out to the checkout, I passed the wallets, and I decided I’d finally better get a new one (since I’ve had to put tape on the coin section of mine so they don’t fall out). And…um, yeah, that was it. There was a huge queue at the post office so I didn’t go in there to get the stamp to send off my overseas voter registration papers.

And then off to Hollywood. Went into Woolworths, got a bunch of food. Went to the greengrocer, got a bunch of food. Went past the post office, they had a huge queue too, so we went to the car and came home.

If I hadn’t had a baby with me, I would’ve also gone to the Meat on the run truck. But until he’s walking I don’t think I can manage taking him in there and carrying him AND his weight in meat out of the trailer and down the steps.

Days like this, I wish I knew someone who lived 5 minutes away who could come over and watch him while I do the shopping (or I could drop him off there). Problem is, everyone I know who fits that description is from Darrin’s school, and guess what? They’re all at work. And I’m definitely not putting him in a daycare centre (no offense to people who do, but it’s just not my thing).

So till I work out a solution, he either goes with me during the week, or I wait till the weekend and go by myself when Darrin’s home with him.

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