Pet Peeve of the day, part 2

{mosimage}So we went out to tea tonight at Genghis Khan, like we do just about every Tuesday evening. Only tonight there was some kids’ party there. All these pre-teens in the restaurant for (I assume) a birthday party or something. And you know how when you’re in 7th grade (or grade 7, or year 7, or whatever you call it in your country), everyone wants to stand in line next to their friends? And so they’ll say “Come stand with me” even though they’re NOT at the end of the line, and they’re being incredibly rude expecting the people behind them won’t mind if one more person gets in front of them?

Urgh. I never liked it in 7th grade, and I don’t like it now either. And I’m not gonna put up with it. So when two girls (who were only about 12 or 13 but trying to look like they were 25) got their bowls all ready and decided they’d just stand at the front of the line because OF COURSE they’re more worthy of eating than the rest of us, and tried to hand off their bowls to the cook JUST AHEAD OF ME, I pushed mine out and got it cooked first. And then the manager (who was also cooking because it was pretty busy) said something to them and they went not quite to the back of the line, but back to where they should’ve been. So there.

And some people might say, cut them some slack, they’re just kids. Ahem. They’re certainly old enough to understand that it’s probably not a good idea to do things to other people that you wouldn’t like done to you, so tell me again why I should cut them some slack?

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