{mosimage}Well. I was just looking at the website for the US Consulate to find out what I have to do to get Caleb a passport and register his US citizenship.

If I read it correctly, I have to submit forms to the office in Melbourne. In person.

And (at this point) it costs a total of $176.40 to do both together.

So. Melbourne is what, about 8-10 hours drive from Adelaide? And we’d have to go during the week when the consulate is actually open. Which means using some of Darrin’s holiday time.

And do we drive, take the Overland (train), or fly? They probably cost about the same for two adults and an infant, so I guess flying would give us more time.

And I have a road geek for a husband, so that means we HAVE to hire a car.

Yeah, so someday we’ll have to do all that.