“Okay, now I’m thinking of something blue. Something bluuuuuuuuuuue!”

This is our new car. These are more pictures of it if you’re interested.

Saw the ad for it online on Friday morning. Rang the seller and it was still available. So Darrin left work early and had a look, had a drive, bought it, and we drove it home instead of riding the stupid bus yet again.


1991 Holden Commodore VN

V6, automatic, power steering, power door locks (they don’t work), air conditioning (probably needs a charge), CD player (sounds GREAT!), 235,000 kilometres (around 145,000 miles), all seatbelts work properly instead of getting twisted, no clunking noises turning corners, the interior is near perfect, and the seats do not give you a sore butt like the Mazda’s seats did. Oh, and the boot (trunk) is big enough to hide a body. Maybe even two.

I’ve even moved the passenger seat ALL THE WAY FORWARD and was still comfortable, whereas in the Mazda I had it all the way back and thought I could use more room. And behind the front seats there’s still enough room that my dad & brother, both of whom are over 6 feet tall, could sit comfortably.

There are a few little things (like the aforementioned door locks) that could use some work, but there’s nothing wrong with it mechanically or structurally. Visors, fuses, things like that.

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  1. melvan

    Yeah, kinda haven’t gotten around to putting the pictures back in since I switched to WordPress….


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