“Oh look…they’re REALLY mad now!”

Okay. So I signed up to MySpace a couple weeks ago to read some friends’ blogs, because they were set to private and I couldn’t read them anymore without being signed up.

Well. Today we got back home from visiting Darrin’s mum & step-dad in Riverton, and among the 30-odd non-spam emails was one stating thus:


Please note that you do not meet the required age limit as per MySpace.com’s Terms of Service, or you have misrepresented your
age on the MySpace.com system.

We deleted your account because you have violated the Terms of Service.

Do not create another account on MySpace.com until you reach the required age, or use the correct age on your profile if you are old enough to have an account.

If you meet our required age limit, please sign up with your correct age.

Thank you,


Uh, right. I don’t remember them ever asking for my age. And if it’s a joining condition that you have to be over x years old, they should make it a lot more obvious than they do. Ugh.

So they can forget about me signing up again. I’ve had enough. MySpace sucks. End of story.

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