Observations on life.

Drat, I had two of them but now I can only remember one…

And it’s this. You know those little yellow signs that people hang in the back windows of their cars? Lately I’ve seen a lot of the “Baby on board” ones. Now be honest…does having that sign on your car REALLY mean anything to the other idiots driving around you? Are they REALLY likely to be more responsible in their driving just because you’ve got a cheap plastic sign in your window?

I almost titled this post “Baby on board” but I thought that would give people the wrong impression. šŸ˜‰

Anyway. It was HOT today. 42.5 degrees celsius, which Lifey says is 108.5 farenheit. So like I said, HOT. First 40+ day for the summer, not likely to be the last either. But it’s perfect weather for hanging clothes outside. Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. Honestly, once last summer I was hanging clothes out on a really hot, dry day, and by the time I finished hanging the last ones, the first ones were almost dry. After TEN MINUTES. Takes a bit of getting used to after Wisconsin’s warm, humid, thunder stormy summers.

Note to self: when you buy a house later this year, try to get one with a swimming pool in the back yard.

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