Now THAT’s what I call a weather report. *

It’s hot. Stinking hot. Friday was something like 42.3, yesterday 41.6, today we MIGHT get some rain, because there’s a cold front off in the southwest. At the moment the radar just shows it moving sideways, but we’re really hoping it comes north. Especially me. I can’t sleep in this kind of weather.

I don’t know what the deal is though. The Bureau of Meteorology in Australia has the forecast ready a week in advance, and they’re usually CORRECT. When I lived in Wisconsin and heard weather reports that far in advance, I thought “yeah, when pigs fly!” Because they could never get it right for more than two days in advance. And the forecast for next Saturday looks pretty good (28 C/82 F), so it’ll be a little warm but not disgusting for moving house.

* Inside joke between my brother and me. Probably wasted because I don’t think he even reads my site. Slacker. 😉

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