Things I’ve already moved to the new site (the links in the menu will reflect this):

About us page

Humor pages

Mayhem pages


Wish List

Time machine and “Don’t forget” (albeit in a new calendar format instead)

Things I’m in the process of moving over:

* Old news section

Things I’ll try to do this weekend:

Find a WORKING book component/module

* Find a WORKING quote component/module

* Find a WORKING comment component/module

* Move the FME archives

* Move links

* Move parodies

* Try to figure out how to get the front page to display like I want it, with at least 5 current news items and NOT with that stupid 2-column format

* Finish moving the old news

* Move the rest of the current (ish) news

* Move writings

* Bribe my husband to fix the few little bits that need it 🙂

Note: * Finished as of the latest update

Further note: I won’t be posting any more news stories here, simply because every one I post is another one I have to move later. Ugh, what a project.