Nine months.

No, I’m not pregnant. That’s how long Darrin’s been out of work. He’s driving buses again, this time for a private company that mainly does charters.

The last two mornings, he’s had to get up at 6 am to start work at 7. So now we have to work out how to be a ‘normal’ family – you know, the kind where Dad gets up and goes to work, and Mum is home with the kids all day.

I’m not sure I know how to do this. The last time Darrin had a job with daytime hours, at least regular daytime hours, was before Chuckie was born. All I remember is how we’ve done things since he’s been working afternoons/nights.

Lots of things will have to change. The meal planning, the homeschooling routine, the fact that now I have to use my own car during the day instead of his (which has much better fuel economy and is WAY more fun to drive). I don’t expect to get the hang of it all in a couple of days. This will be an ongoing process of trial and error, till we find out what works best for us.

The first day went pretty much okay. The second day a little less so. Today…well, we take Fridays off school so at least there’s less to have to remind the kids about. But we take Fridays off because we have activities, which means leaving the house. We shall see.

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