Nappy report

I mentioned Baby BeeHinds in my last post. I managed to find a couple on eBay (the bamboo/cotton ones), and won them, and they arrived on Wednesday. So I washed them on Wednesday evening, hung them up on Thursday, and they were dry by Friday night (last night) for us to try them out overnight.

Well. Normally I put a double flat nappy on him overnight and have to change it by about 3-4 am, depending on when he wakes up, because it’s saturated most of the way around and he won’t settle down and go back to sleep. This morning by that time he wasn’t even wet on the outside. He was only just wet on the outside when I was ready (well, ready enough) to get up at 7:30. Each nappy comes with two boosters, one large, one small. I put one of each in the overnight nappy (the instructions say for a “small-medium” baby you should only need one or the other, but this boy is trying to singlehandedly save the Murray). And if I put two long ones in instead, it’d be even better.

So there you have another happy Baby BeeHinds customer. Who ever said cloth nappies have to be complicated?

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