Names we haven’t crossed out of the baby name book yet.

Five and ten years ago, I had names I liked, and thought if I ever had kids, they’d have those names. But now they’re all ultra-popular, and with a last name like Smith, we don’t really want a hugely popular name. And so we began the search, not by listing the ones we like, but by crossing off the ones we don’t like. All the really popular ones, and the last names, and the really ancient names, and names of anyone we know, and anything that just doesn’t sound right with Smith.

Boys Bradley, Brandon, Caleb, Eli, Gideon, Graham, Grant, Ian, Isaac, Levi, Mark, Micah, Noah, Patrick, Samuel, Simeon, Zachary

Girls Allison, Andrea, Antonia, April, Autumn, Cassandra, Charlotte, Dinah, Hannah, Kaylee, Lauren, Leah, Lily, Ramona, Summer, Veronica, Zoe

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