My day op shopping

I decided I wanted to go out & visit the op shops today, so I fed Caleb and left the house. There’s 3 shops within walking distance of each other (and of home, but it was 35 degrees today and I’d rather take the car in that…). So to the Goodwill first, because I hadn’t been there before. Three racks of marked down clothes outside the door. Found three pairs of overalls, a pair of pants, and a shirt all for Caleb when he grows into them (and it gets cool again). Grand total? $5.50. And one of the items is Pumpkin Patch (one of the designer kids’ brands in Australia).

So then I took my spoils to the car and went into the Salvation Army shop. Among other things, I found a pull-along wooden toy truck for 50 cents. And Caleb LOVES it.

After this I again dropped off stuff in the car, and went through the walkway to Vinnie’s. But they’re closed till the 7th of January, so I went to the library instead & got three books to read.

All in all, a one hundred percent successful trip.

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