More house stuff

So we’re in the 2 day cooling off period. Which is technically 4 days since the 2 business days are Friday & Monday. And we’ve got all this paperwork to read, and more paperwork to fill out, and sign, and get back to the bank on Monday. And then they send out the valuer, and do the final approval of the loan, which our loan consultant said usually takes 3-4 days. So we might have that by next Monday, but we’ll see. After that we have to get insurance, sign more papers, and wait. And then get the keys, and move in, and pay all the fees, and move our phone/internet/electricity accounts, get our mail forwarded, unpack, yada yada yada.

So we’ve also started packing. I did two big boxes of quilts, towels, and other bedding, plus five smaller boxes of books. Darrin did three boxes of books. And we’re not even halfway through the books yet. Yep, we’re geeks. And let’s not even talk about all the books I still have in my parents’ basement….

Anyone got more boxes? 🙂

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