More good quotes

And this time I DO know who they belong to. Both are from Bill Cosby in the May 2003 issue of Reader’s Digest.

RD: “What do you think about what’s on TV, in terms of general quality?”

Cosby: “Well, this is my answer and it is going to be very short: I always find myself going back to The Weather Channel.”

RD: “How do you feel about affirmative action, in light of the recent University of Michigan case? What does affirmative action amount to today?”

Cosby: “… It has always been my belief that if people in the audience connected with what I said, and if they are laughing at what I am saying, then where is our difference? They always saw the color of my skin. I didn’t turn white while I was onstage. Yet if you’re laughing at what I’m saying, and we’re connected, why am I a person who has to have affirmative action to keep you honest?”

In my opinion, NBC will never make another sitcom as good as The Cosby Show.

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