Under the Thumb

Parody of “Under the Blood” by Steve Taylor (Parody by Beldin)

Let me just preface this song by saying it’s all in fun. I need to say this to avoid and physical entanglements (e.g. someone killing me šŸ™‚

‘Do as I say’ says the voice of the woman

Thumbed-down yes-men follow it well

The girl, she calls and the man comes running

Phonecalls fail when webbing from home

It’s a cool day, there’s some psychopath girlfriend

Wishing for the boyfriend

Begging for hours

But the deeds I hear

From a loud ear beating your suffering under

Under the Thumb

Under the Thumb

You’re right there under the Thumb

Under the Thumb

Under the Thumb

Can you refuse?

Under the Thumb

hang up the phone!

there’s a voice penetrating

old friends tremble and cover their ears

hang up the phone!

there’s a pizza waiting

these days free time’s quite a surprise

in a strained falsetto

there’s a wild man making up a fable

of remberance of nothing at all

and if you’re that man

you better sink quickly back

into the confusion

Under the Thumb

Under the Thumb

confusion under the thumb

Under the Thumb

Under the Thumb

Can we reach you?

under the thumb

is it all a little hollow

under the thumb

where she leads he will follow

like a blitzkrieg drones

and a bleeding heart groans

and the computer heals me, whispering hope

you’re alive

with a soul like a winner

cover me under…

under the thumb

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