Pointless (Jan. ’98)

A parody of “Hitchin’ A Ride” by Green Day (Parody by Weird Alex)

hang on a second

let’s try that again…

hey mister can’t you tell me

are there any words now

i can’t seem to find any lyrics here

can’t you tell me maybe

is there even a point now?

or do i just keep singing, going on and on?

don’t you know i’d like to find a point to this song

but it just keeps draggin’, going on and on

troubled times you know i cannot lie

when there’s no words to sing you go on and on

this song is dragging out now just like it shouldn’t

so i think i’ll put a solo here


i wish that i was famous i could them make music

and get real rich just playing four chords like this

then everybody’d like me and they’d all listen

when i had nothing there to say

troubled times you know i cannot lie

when i tell you that there’s no point to this song

troubled times you know i tell no lies

when i tell you this song is pointless

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