Nuggets in My Head

Parody of “Letters in My Head” by Fleming & John (parody by mred)

Inspired by a McDonalds McNugget sale that was so successful that I had a dream about them.

To whom it may concern

You’ve got a lot to learn

What makes you think that you can buy McNuggets all day

I just kind of stood there

Boxing them politely

But now I’ve got a few words I’d like to say

You ever buy another one again

I’ll have to hit you in the chin


I’m dreaming nuggets in my head

McDonald’s has me seeing red

While I lie asleep in bed

I’m dreaming nuggets in my head

Dear Ron

Okay I’ll admit I was wrong

When I said you set the prices way too low

But it makes me sigh

When the customers buy

Sale-priced Chicken McNuggets by the bushel-full

May be a slacker and a little lazy

But this sale is driving me crazy


I wish we had an automatic nugget machine

‘Cause that would make this job easy for me

But that’s not likely so I’ll have to wait

My break doesn’t start until a quarter ’til eight

I don’t like to work; I don’t like the food

This sale puts me in a bad mood

No one come in or even drive-thru

One more order and I’ll have to sue


(tossing, turning in my bed…)

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