Nobody Knows You When Your Server’s Out

Parody of “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” by Eric Clapton (parody by Weird Alex)

Once I surfed the Web like a millionaire

Chatted IRC like I didn’t have a care

Helped all my good friends to go online

Taught them JAVA, FTP and MIME

Then when I saw my connection was slow

Took longer to get me where I wanted to go

If I get my hands on an ISDN

I’ll begin my mass downloads again


Nobody knows you when your server’s out.

As for bots, you don’t have any,

As for friends, can’t chat with many

When you get back on the net again

Everybody wants to be your email friend

I’ll say it straight, without any doubt

Nobody knows you, when your server’s out

(modem solo)

(repeat chorus then)

Nobody knows you

Nobody knows you

Nobody knows you when your server’s out