melvan’s World

Parody of “Escher’s World” by Chagall Guevara (parody by `luthien with help from Weird Alex)

Through the world of IRC I fell

To the place where melvan plays

Now I know her friends so well

I don’t ever want to leave them!

I woke up in melvan’s world today

My server said it was okay

melvan, Beldin, and qaz are in,

Lifey brings you back again & again

eener, Elkvis, are you listenin’

Do you ever feel annoyed

By your lack of dates, my friend

Come to #bannerman for good

MOo#B or So#M will end that trend

We’re walking in melvan’s world again

Rise up you wutg minded men

mred, wonky, and kumquat, too

Monday nights can be quite a zoo

lucy1, PattyT, we ain’t foolin’

Let the gfot wars have their day, yeah

The Hork Queen’s on her way!

We’re living in melvan’s world it seems

We’re always sinf-ing in our dreams

Bourgeois, Haxiem, etan too

Show up once in every while or two

Fadeaway, wowness, all these newbies

melvan, Beldin, & Qaz are in

eener, Elkvis, we ain’t foolin’

#bannerman brings you back again and again

#bannerman brings you back again and again

#bannerman brings you back again and again

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