Kick Me

Parody of “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer (parody by melvan)

Note: This is an IRC parody, as if I could really write anything else.

Kick me out of the ticked off channel

Nightly, because I’m such a jerk

Spam, spam, spammed the channel’s ops

They got annoyed and told the DALnet cops


Oh, kick me with your new clever message

“Maybe you need to get a life”

I don’t get the hint

Strike up the keyboard, make the spammer wince

Think about banning

So kick me

Kick me because I wrote before you,

“Please go visit this URL”

Type, type, typed it all in caps

I’ll never stop till I have spammed your cat


(guitar solo)


So kick me

So kick me

So kick me

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