I Want to Have a Clone

Parody of “I Want to Be a Clone” by Steve Taylor (parody by Weird Alex)

I’d gone through so much other stuff

That joining IRC was tough

But now I know it’s not enough

I want to have a clone!

I installed Linux as a start

Got my host prog to do its part

And now I know deep in my heart

I want to have a clone!

Have a clone, and talk to myself all night

Cloneliness is next to godliness, right?

I’m grateful when the show the way

Cuz I don’t really know the way

To do this on my own

I want to have a clone!

They told me my clone’d fall away

Unless I followed what they’d say

You need two servers anyway if

You want to have a clone!

Or else you might get a k-line

and then you wouldn’t feel so fine

Oh, yes, it’s in this heart of mine

I want to have a clone


Send in the clones! “I wanna tell my friends and neighbours about this.”

“What? You’re still a babe, you have to grow, wait until you have about 10 clones or so.

Cuz if you wanna be cool like these, you gotta clone like one of us!”

So now I see the whole design

And open windows, eight or nine

My friends tell me I’m doing fine

At generating clones

I’ve learned enough to stay afloat

Have enough clones to fill a boat

I’m glad you /msg’ed that note

On how to have a clone!

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