Parody of “Flood” by Jars of Clay (parody by Weird Alex)

Pain splayed cross my face

Haven’t flushed the toilet for days

My toilet, it floods

And slowly my room, it turns into mud


And if I can’t flush after 40 days

And the plumbing cracks as the pressures raise

Get me out real quick so alive I’ll stay

Get me out oh…

Get me out!

It’s grimy and smelly

Get me out!

I’m weak and I’m dying

Get me out!

Need someone to hold me

Get me out!

And keep me from drowning in here

Downpour on the sole

Of my best shoes from the place of the hole

In the old toilet tank

Now the toilet floods and my apartment is rank


Stop the water from my room

Staunch the streams still flowing

Rescue me from in my doom

Of toilets overflowing…

Chorus to fade…

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