Down Under

Parody of “Down Under” by Steve Taylor (parody by Weird Alex)

Down Under

It’s the land where you find beldin, down under

Down Under

IRC is where he’s held in, down under

Beldin went from college to a taxi cab

On a fine December day

Didn’t care to sit through classes that were drab

Now he chats all day

Down Under

He appears in his fine style, down under

Down Under

We have beldin’s name on files, down under

Beldin told his brothers in the fellowship

Of the M.O.O.#.B

How to upset melvan with a little tip

Of saying HERM with glee!

Down Under

Drinks Coca-cola ‘stead of water

Down Under

He seems like he’s Lifey’s father

Ain’t no Yankee jive

Ain’t no Commie plot

Beld don’t lean left or right

He stands on solid rock

We hold this truth to be as dear to life as bread

And Beld would think better if maybe he would just go to bed…

Beldin looked around and saw that bots were nice

Organized a big bot parade

Someone told his HDD to crash that night

And how it obeyed!

Down Under

Say things wrong and he will mock you

Down Under

Down Under

His humour will likely shock you

Down Under

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