Parody of “Piano Man” by Billy Joel (parody by Weird Alex)

It’s eight pm on a monday night

The regular crowd shuffles in

There’s a man, at a puter in front of me

Finding words that rhyme well with chin

I said, man, can you write me a parody

I’m not sure how to do one of those

Make it short, make it sweet

But please make it complete

Cuz I wanna sing one of those

La la la di di da

La la la la di di da da dum

Sing us a song, you on #bannerman!

Sing us a song, tonight!

For we’re all in the mood for a parody!

And you got us feeling alright!

Now Beld, on the chan, he’s a friend of me

He gets me my bots for free

He’s slow to the chat, but quick with a clue bat

But there’s someplace that he’d rather be…

He says, Qaz, I believe this is killing me

As the smile disappeared from his face

This chatting is fine that I do all the time,

But there’s no Pepsi here in this place!

La la la di di da

La la la di di da da dum


Now eener’s a ticket saleswoman

Who’s too busy with her job for a life

But she doesn’t care cuz pretty soon

Darin’s taking her to be his wife

And the Iowans raving like lunatics

While melvan, she generates clones

We all spend too much time here on IRC

But it’s better than being alone!


It’s a pretty good crowd for a Monday night

And the chan ops all give me a smile

Though I know it’s not me that they’ve come here to see

I think I’ll just stay for a while

And the control-g’s sound like a carnival

And elkvis, he smells like root beer

And the folks on the chan give each other a hand

And say man, sure is nice to be here!

La la la di di da

La la la di di da da dum…


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