Mel’s Long List of Pet Peeves, Part 4

{mosimage}32. Counting your money and coming up SEVEN DOLLARS short.

33. Having to listen to someone who KNOWS they’re right, when you KNOW they’re wrong.

34. Getting hair caught between my toes. May sound weird, but it’s something I find absolutely gross.

35. The little bits of bone on lamb chops that stay behind after they’re cut, which you find with your teeth when you’re eating them.

36. Americans who do stupid things, which just confirms what so much of the rest of the world thinks of us already.

37. Biting into a piece of nice, fresh broccoli and crunching down on DIRT, because it wasn’t washed properly.

38. Idiot drivers who go 50 kph in the right (fast) lane of a 60 kph road.

39. Lower North East Road through Campbelltown, between Payneham/Montacute Roads & Darley/Sudholz Road.

40. Trying to jog your memory (regarding Pet Peeve #31) and having no luck whatsoever.

41. Birds flying over your clothesline and pooping on the clean clothes. (This was supposed to be #31.)

42. Stepping on cat litter.

43. Cats who pull the towels off the towel bars.

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