Mel’s Long List of Pet Peeves, Part 2

21. Excessive media coverage of an event. This week it’s the Pope dying. Yes, it’s sad, but do we really need a THIRD of airtime devoted to him and what the Catholic church is going to do now?

22. Power outages that obliterate the possibility of recording something on the VCR while you’re out.

23. Flies and other insects buzzing around in your face just because you’ve been sweating a little.

24. Having a landlady who shows up EVERY WEEKDAY for nearly two weeks, to do whatever it is she does around the property. The point is not “Well, at least she’s not coming inside,” the point is we don’t like having people, no matter how legitimate they may be, snooping around our yard and our garbage/recycling bins.

25. Stupid TV ads. Such as the “old west” one with the cats and dogs advertising a flea medicine. It’s not clever, it’s not cute, it’s STUPID.

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