Mel’s Long List of Pet Peeves, Part 1

There are a lot of things that bother me, and they say misery loves company. So join me in a rant.

1. Cats who land on the keyboard just as you’re trying to type something important.

2. Cold toilet seats. Winter is on the way and I’ll get to experience this yet again, since the toilet is one of the coldest rooms in the house.

3. People who say they’ll do something and then don’t.

4. Cats who walk back & forth in front of your screen when you’re trying to type something important.

5. Cats who then jump up on the dresser and knock your brush on the floor, then jump down onto your desk again while you’re typing something important.

6. Rain showers starting at 10 am when the weather bureau said “early afternoon,” so the wet clothes you left outside overnight get wet again.

7. Insect bites on the bottom of the foot.

8. Oh, what the heck, insect bites ANYWHERE.

9. The IRS.

10. Finding kitty litter with bare feet.

11. Wet toilet seats. I thought it was a joke when Dave Barry once wrote a column about “spitting” toilets, but I’ve actually seen toilets spit water out when they flush. I’ve also felt little droplets on my legs when I’m wearing shorts and flush the toilet without shutting the lid first.

12. The employment market in Adelaide.

13. Lame news stories about the “dangers” of eating low carb, written or reported by people who obviously haven’t read the research.

14. People who pass off bad behaviour as just that, rather than the symptom of something deeper.

15. Cats who keep coming back to beg for attention after you shoo them away while doing something important.

16. People who don’t pay attention to their own bodies enough to know when they should change something, and just keep throwing drugs (prescription, over-the-counter, or otherwise) down their throats to make their bodies behave like THEY want them to.

17. Adelaide traffic. Give us some FREEWAYS, for crying out loud.

18. “Diet” foods made with Aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal. Not only does it taste terrible, it’s actually a POISON. And the only reason it ever got approved for use in food in the US is because the guy who promoted it was a good friend of a president. Even then the research showed its damaging effects when heated above 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Farenheit). “So it must be okay in cold drinks, right?” Wrong. Unless you’re dead or seriously ill, your BODY TEMPERATURE is higher than that.

19. People who write, say, or do anything in the public view who can’t spell, can’t use proper grammar, can’t support their claims with logic or evidence, and call people who disagree with them nine kinds of idiot. Most politicians fall in this category.

20. People who, when told what they did to annoy/offend/hurt you, brush it off (or blame YOU for being oversensitive) and keep on doing the same thing.

I think 20 is a good start. There will be more as I think of them.

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