Look out, Mel’s on the war path.

{mosimage}Two rants today.

I AM SICK TO DEATH OF BUYING DISPOSABLES! Okay, so we’ve only been using them when we’re out of the house, or when we run out of cloth, but I HATE them. I HATE spending money on stuff I just throw away. And I’m not going to do it anymore (unless we’re going away overnight to somewhere other than Darrin’s mum’s). They smell as soon as Caleb does anything in them, they give him a rash, they don’t hold things in any better than cloth (actually worse in some cases), and I’d much rather spend the $17-20 per pack on something like food or clothes or bills than on big bits of paper that just go in the bin eventually.

So what are we gonna do instead when we’re out of the house? Still working that out, but it’s probably gonna involve some fitted cloth ones which we’ll put a lot of padding in.

(Also, if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t yet bought us a baby gift and wants to, Baby Beehinds are the ones I like the look of, because everyone speaks VERY highly of them.)

And the second rant. HOW ON EARTH do you keep ALL of a baby’s creases clean and not get all red and cheesy? Just when you think you’ve cleared up one area, another one turns red that you didn’t even realise was there! Doesn’t seem to matter how well I think I’ve done either, I always miss something.

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