How bizarre.

Last night I ranted about the lack of my Time Machine block in the left sidebar. Today it’s there, with neither of us doing anything. So either it doesn’t show up anymore when there’s nothing to report, or it was just being snooty and didn’t want to work. I’m guessing the first option.

So now I can post about the things I wanted to post about yesterday.

The first is this. I have finished all twelve assignments of the correspondence bookkeeping course I started almost a year ago. The last four are in the mail. Turnaround time is usually two to three weeks. So I should have a diploma in a few weeks and maybe actually be able to find a job finally. By the way, if you’re in Adelaide and you know someone else who lives in Adelaide who might need a bookkeeper, please let them know I’m looking for work.

The second: in the Sunday Mail this week was an article which stated (among other things) that Nestle – yes, the chocolate company – has started producing Cheerios in Australia. For the clueless, Cheerios is an American breakfast cereal that American children LOVE. As the name kind of implies, they’re an ‘O’ shape. I’ve seen a frantic American mother posting on a site for Americans living in Australia dying to know where to get Cheerios here because her toddler wouldn’t eat anything else for breakfast. Cheerios are also sometimes used to toilet-train little boys, because they float.

Anyway. So when I was in a supermarket yesterday, I remembered this, and went walking through the cereal aisle looking for the yellow box. Finally I found it on the bottom shelf, but…it wasn’t yellow. It was white. What’s more, it was the multi-grain version (oats, corn, rice, wheat…I think) rather than the original version (just oats). Yet it’s still called just Cheerios, not Multi-Grain Cheerios like in the US.

Attention, Aussies: you are NOT getting the REAL Cheerios! To get the real Cheerios, which is by far the best of the Cheerios family, you’ll have to visit the USA.

So that’s two things. And I’m sure there was a third that I was thinking about writing about, but I can’t remember what it was now.

However. I found this survey link on one of the forums I read this morning. If you’re following a low-carb diet, go have your say.

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