Just so you don’t think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth…

…because, after all, I’m on the bottom of it.

My parents are in town for the next week. They arrived on Saturday the 1st and leave very early in the morning on Thursday the 13th. So I probably won’t post much till after they’ve gone home.

One quick thing, though. I had a tiny tiny split-second moment of panic in the car the other day when we were all driving somewhere. Because I was sitting in the right-side back seat in the same position I’d always sat in the family car, and my dad was in the front left, so when the car took off from the traffic lights and my dad was still looking at whatever was in his lap…

AAARGH! DAD’S NOT DRIVING…oh yeah, we’re in Australia. Phew.

Yep, I still get confused sometimes even after nearly four years down under.

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