I’ve never liked Santa Claus.

When I was really young, I was afraid of him. Actually I was afraid of ANY twit dressed up in a silly costume. Now they all just annoy me.

Lots of things I don’t like about Santa Claus. Firstly, and most obviously, is that modern society has placed so much value on this mythical being, on getting presents, that the real focus of Christmas is lost. True, Christmas is all about one very important gift. But unlike Santa Claus leaving presents under your tree, that gift doesn’t depend on being good.

[side note: Besides, the whole Santa Claus thing reinforces the common belief that you have to be good & kill yourself doing good things for anybody to notice you. And this is especially harmful when it’s God who you’re trying to get the attention of, because all he really wants is for us to know him. And even after you do know him, he still doesn’t expect you to make yourself better. You CAN’T make yourself better, only he can do that for you.]

The other thing that really bugs me is I don’t like how society allows parents to lie to their children for possibly the first ten years of their lives to get them to be good little boys and girls, and then tell them, “Well, umm, no, there isn’t REALLY a Santa Claus…umm, no, we didn’t lie to you, exactly, we just…stretched the truth a little…there WAS a Saint Nick in England who gave presents to children, but he died a long time ago…oh, no, don’t cry….”

Ahem. Wouldn’t it be better to just tell them the truth from the start? Kids can get really messed up that way. One seemingly benign event in a person’s life can profoundly affect the rest of it. And if you say you don’t have crap from your past that’s still bugging you & affecting the way you think/act/feel, you’re either lying, or it’s buried so deep you don’t even know it’s there anymore.

So no, I don’t really go for all the Christmas movies about Santa Claus. I went to see The Santa Clause when it came out several years ago, and I left the theater feeling depressed. I can’t imagine I’d enjoy its sequel any better. No, for Christmas entertainment I prefer to stick with the classics: White Christmas and the Peanuts gang.

“We’re doing it for a pal in the army.” “Eh, it’s not good, but it’s a reason.”

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