It’s a bit sooner than I expected…

So remember those Baby Beehinds I said I bought in an auction online? I was hanging them on the clothesline today and noticed the leg elastic on one leg of the orange one was all stretched out and pretty much worthless. Great. Just spent $50 to get three and one of them is already falling apart, I thought.

And then I thought: why not ask on Oz Cloth Nappies if anyone’s ever had to fix one? So I did. And two people were kind enough to point me to this site, which shows how to do it. So that’s what I’ll be doing as soon as I get some orange thread on Thursday. Unless I decide I can’t wait that long and use a colour I already have.

So I ripped out the old elastic, only to re-read the page later and realise I could’ve just left it in there. Ah well, at least I know for next time.

Of course it occurred to me AFTER all this that my mom had given me a few ideas how to fix one of the ones I made, back when she & my dad were visiting in September. And it was probably pretty similar to what that page says anyway. But it’s good to have pictures to go with it.

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