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We’ve applied for a home loan “in principle.” Meaning, basically, they tell us an amount we can borrow, and we have six months to go out and find something in that price range. And we’ve been approved “in principle” as of a week ago. So now begins the search.

The amount isn’t quite as much as we expected it to be, so we’ll probably be getting something smaller than originally intended and building on extra later. And it won’t be quite as close to the school as we thought either. But hey, that’s life, right?

So last weekend I went out to look at FIVE houses. I’ll be looking at a few more this weekend. The lady at Homestart said it usually takes about 30 days for settlement, so we don’t really HAVE to make an offer on a property till mid-December if we still want to move in the same timeframe. But once I get started on something, I’m kinda unstoppable, so it could be very soon. That, and I REALLY wanna get out of the place we’re in, with the creepy landlady and the tiny kitchen and the combination bathroom/laundry because I’m sick to death of stepping on kicked-up kitty litter every time I have a shower!

<end rant>

And then comes packing. And moving. And then unpacking. Both (packing & unpacking) things that, strangely, I sorta like doing. Don’t worry, I won’t be lifting any heavy furniture.

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