The last few nights (about a week), Caleb’s been getting a really snotty nose overnight, so of course when he wakes up in the night, he has more trouble getting back to sleep. I was having similar trouble, but I chalked it up to too much refined carby stuff. I figured, hey, he’s got half my genes, he’s probably suffering from the same thing I am. But guess what? It’s not that (although that certainly wouldn’t help). It’s a cold. His first ever at 17.5 months. And we’ve both got it. So we had chicken soup for tea tonight instead of the enchiladas I was planning to make. He’s coping with it really well though, except a) at night, and b) when I try to clean out his nose. And he was awake (more or less – every time I thought he was finally asleep he woke up again) from 5 am till about 7 am this morning, but then he slept till almost 10:30. No fever, just a nose thing so far, although I’ve thought a couple times he sounded a little hoarse. But he’s otherwise happy, which is great.

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