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We went for a drive in the hills today and have decided we like Mount Pleasant. Did a time trial on the trip to Darrin's work and it took UNDER 40 minutes. True, this was on a Saturday afternoon and not in the morning rush, but it can't be much more than that. The most stressful part will be the last 5 minutes.

So. Why did we like Mount Pleasant better than the other towns in the area?

1. It has a hospital. This is a plus if you're planning to have kids someday and need a place to birth them. I'd kinda rather not have to drive for 15-20 minutes to the next town to do so.
2. It has a primary (elementary) school. Also good for future kids.
3. It has TWO pubs instead of the standard one. Not for drinking at (at least not us), for eating out.
4. It's bigger than the other three towns we drove through (only 600, but that's semi-big for an Australian country town).
5. It's serviced by one of the country bus services.
6. The houses there look nice, but not so nice we'd break the bank trying to pay for one.
7. We can still get DSL there.
8. There is a water treatment facility in the area so the water may actually be drinkable.
9. The oval (where cricket is played), and the town in general, looks nicer than the other towns.
10. We drove past one of the houses we've seen online, and it looks like it's empty. If it stays empty for several months, the owners will be more likely to sell for a lower price.

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They're not kidding.

You know all those beer ads on TV where they show the big wooden kegs of beer in a fancy wooden cart and being driven around by horses? I actually saw it happen today. It was a Coopers Brewery cart and two brown horses, in Pulteney street in the city. Didn't seem to be anything special going on in the area, so who knows why...but I'm telling you, it really does happen.

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