"I remember it like it was yesterday... yesterday... yesterday..."

Well. Yesterday was our birthday barbecue. It was fun. We might just do it every year.

I had my first taste of pavlova yesterday. I wasn't sure I'd like it because I haven't liked meringue-type things in the past...but oh yeah, I'll definitely have to find a de-carbed version.

Note: Title quote is Professor Monkey-For-A-Head in the Earthworm Jim cartoon series

We're in Australia

(posted by both)

We're now in Melbourne waiting for our flight to Adelaide! Yay, all the big flights over, just a little one hour one to home :-)

(the previous was written by Darrin who was hogging the net terminal ;-)

Luckily the weather in Adelaide the next couple days is going to be nice (only about 70s during the day) so I won't get roasted the minute I step off the plane. But that'll just happen later I guess. ;-)

We're In New Zealand

Mel and I arrived safe and sound in New Zealand last night. We're taking it pretty easy, hired a car and are having a look around Auckland. Very relaxing time.

Questions answered, so please don't ask them again.

  1. 1. Are you excited about the wedding?

    No, I'm not excited about the wedding. I want it to be over. I want to skip ahead to January 20th, when all the festivities in both countries AND the flying will be over and we can get back to something resembling normalcy.

  2. Are you nervous?

    Um. I'm getting married in two days. I'm moving to another country. I have to fly to get there, and I hate flying. And once I get there, I have to pretend in the immigration line that I'm really there on vacation so they don't send me right back to the states. And after that, we have to fill out paperwork, get references, I have to get a medical, and wait for a government official to decide if I can stay. All in all, the next few weeks will have a profound impact on the rest of my life, and you ask me if I'm nervous?

  3. Wow, and you actually have time to post news on your web site with all the planning?

    Uh, yeah. The wedding itself is going to be VERY short, like 10 minutes, with fewer than 30 guests, in my parents' living room. What's to plan?

  4. Okay, well, it's your day after all.

    Next person who says that to me I'm gonna throw up on. Let me remind you, TWO people are getting married that day. And since I hate having the focus of attention on me, I'm gonna try my hardest to keep it OFF me as much as possible.

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