I’m having way too much fun with this.

For someone who was a loner in high school and couldn’t care less if she never heard from 90% of her graduating class again, Classmates.com is WAY too interesting. I went on a whim just to see what I could see, and what have I actually found?

  • My old bus driver, Teresa
  • My old babysitter, Kelly
  • At least one person I worked with at Pizza Hut (possibly two, but I’m not sure if the second is the right one…even though she’s the right age and went to high school in the right area)
  • Two people I worked with at Smead whose names I remember, and several more whose names I don’t recognise
  • My brother’s best friend
  • Several people in various years who I was in band with

So yeah, it’s not entirely a waste of time.

And then I started Googling other people, and managed to find another Pizza Hut alum. And it’s 11:30 and I really should sleep, but I kinda like finding out what happened to all those people I once knew.

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