I’m a nail biter.

I’ve always been a nail biter, and I’ll most likely always be a nail biter. And some people have a problem with this. And for a long time, I did too. I tried many times to quit biting them, and never succeeded longer than a couple weeks.

I can’t even remember now why I wanted to quit. Maybe it was because everyone else said it was a “bad habit.” Yep, that’s probably why it was.

But WHY is it considered a bad habit? Is it because you end up with jagged fingernails? That’s what a nail file is for.

Is it because if you bite them too far down, they bleed? Okay, that’s a point, but if I bite my nails till they bleed, is that really anyone else’s problem?

Is it because they don’t look “ladylike” when they’re short? Probably. Not that I’ve ever cared whether or not I was “ladylike.”

So yeah, I don’t see it as an issue.

Besides, what did mankind use to trim their fingernails before the invention of nail clippers? Knives? Maybe a few people did, but I’m betting most people just bit ’em off.

When my fingernails are long, it’s harder to do just about everything. They get caught in the computer keyboard. I accidentally scratch myself and others when I don’t want to. All manner of food, dirt, and who knows what else gets caught under them (you should’ve seen them some nights when I was working at Pizza Hut – it wasn’t pretty).

So I’m not gonna stress about biting my fingernails anymore.

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