“If you’ve done six impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliways?”

I finished my US federal tax return this morning. I am getting about $57 back.

I’m not able at this time to figure out my Wisconsin tax return, since neither the forms nor the instructions mention anything about a spouse without a social security number (the federal instructions at least say we have to apply for an ITIN with the return), or what to enter in the tax/school district areas if you didn’t live in Wisconsin at the end of the year. I have emailed the Department of Revenue to ask them about it, but of course, it’s Friday night there now, so I won’t hear anything from them till at least early Tuesday morning here. But when that one’s finished, I’ll be getting $11 from them as well.

And after this, I think I’ll be filing my US returns by Australian fiscal year (July to June) because all my paperwork will be following that, and it’ll just be easier. Although unless something really amazing happens, I won’t be earning enough (at least this year) to be required to file anyway.

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