I wanna do that crawl…

Well, he’s still rocking. And rocking, and rocking, and rocking. And slightly moving an arm or a knee here or there, but only tends to move backwards at this stage.

However! This just in! He looks as if he’s going to do it VERY SOON, as in, maybe by the end of the weekend. We’ll keep you posted.

He’s sitting up quite a bit lately (in fact, anytime I put him down on the lounge room floor I’ll put him sitting) for longer periods. And then he tips over and his head goes CLUNK and he either goes about his business or cries for a cuddle.

So the whole food thing. He’s tried an egg yolk which he dropped on the floor, and tasted butter a few times (which he appears to like), but that’s about it. I know most people start with rice cereal, but in the words of his third grandmother Patty, “I’m a rebel. Oy.” He doesn’t seem that interested in food as food at the moment anyway. Something interesting to chew on and rip to shreds, however, yes.

And he’s discovered his tongue. He’s been sticking it out all the time and making funny saliva-type noises with his mouth.

He’s still only got the two bottom teeth, but he’s working on at least three more. In fact, I thought one was going to break through the other day. I was SURE I felt a little sharp point, but it hasn’t come up yet. Grrr.

And that’s the Caleb Report for Friday the 19th of October.

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