I have a sewing room.

So I’ve been getting sick of having so little space to do stuff, and at the same time, been getting sick of tripping over Caleb’s toys everywhere. I had my sewing machine on a corner table inside an old playpen (because it’s really not helpful to have a toddler playing with the foot pedal while I’m trying to thread a needle), and once Caleb worked out how to get up on the spare bed in that room, I had to block off that end of the room anyway because the ironing board & iron were blocked off by the bed. And I’ve been thinking about it for several days, and trying to work out how to do it, and I finally came up with a plan. Divide the Long Room in half and put my sewing room at the far end, and Caleb’s toys at the other end. So first I had to dismantle the double bed and stand it up against one wall. Then of course the playpen wouldn’t stay where it was, so I had to drag in the shelves that I was going to use for a divider. And then I realised they were too tall for me to climb over. Oops. No problem. That little set of drawers is low enough. So I climbed over that, took down the playpen, moved my sewing table into the corner, and moved the drawers up against the wall. And then I needed to work out what else I could use for a divider to replace the drawers, so that Caleb couldn’t get through but I could. The folded up playpen. Which also allows the cats to get through it and hide if they’re feeling the need for personal space. So then I put all Caleb’s toys in the new Toy Room end of the room, and then he decided to have a nap for the first time in I can’t remember how long. Ahhhh…a break.

So yeah, new sewing room, new toy room, and clean rest of the house. Mostly.

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