“I guess you know the Earth is gonna crash into the sun, but that’s no reason why we shouldn’t have a little fun.”

About an hour ago I turned twenty-nine. I was born at 4:58 am in the US Central time zone, which translates to 9:28 pm here, still on the 23rd. You’d think in all this time, and with me being a night owl to some extent, I would’ve actually been awake for the exact minute some year. And I was, in 2001 when I was working nights at Smead, but I was busy doing homework or something and I looked at my watch about five minutes after my official birth minute, and said to myself, “Whoops.” Also last year, my first birthday in the southern hemisphere (has it really been that long already?), I was awake, but again, I missed the minute. But not this year. This year I noticed the minute tick over and celebrated by…well, by not doing much of anything, really, just played solitaire.

Thanks to people who have sent me e-cards; however, the people who run these e-card sites tend to only create cards using Shockwave or Flash – both methods that are not supported (as far as I know) on Unix platforms. So I have not been able to look at them yet.

So what did I do on my 29th birthday? Well, we went to Fasta Pasta for lunch in North Adelaide, then we walked (or waddled) up the street to Picadilly Cinema, where we saw The Incredibles. Which was pretty funny. And then we came home, and I made some cheesecake cupcake things (which look a little funny but taste all right). And then when we got hungry we walked to Hungry Jack’s (Australian version of Burger King) and had some more food, then walked home, and here we are. And that’s about it.

Oh, and I did walk over to Coles (grocery store) as well and found So I Married an Axe Murderer on DVD for $15, and bought it for myself.

Note: Title quote from Weird Al’s “Happy Birthday”

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