I don’t know what to title this one.

One thing that’s really starting to bug me is how people who I see only occasionally, like every week or two, insist on asking “How are you feeling?” as if they’re expecting me to say I’m miserable. I’ve never been asked this question as much as I am now that I’m pregnant.

That’s right. PREGNANT. Not sick. I’m having a baby, not surgery.

So how DO I feel, aside from sick of being asked how I feel? Fine. If I didn’t have a growing belly and somebody doing somersaults inside it, I wouldn’t even know I was pregnant. I’m having no problems whatsoever, and the ones I was having (leg cramps) have gone away with regular doses of tissue salts. Homeopathy rocks.

Okay, so there is that recurring dream about the baby turning into a kitten, but I wouldn’t call that a problem.

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