I Aten’t Dead

Yep, so I suppose technically we have a crawling baby, but at this point he only goes a few inches before he goes *splat*. Ah well. He’s dragging himself though.

Today I found a king size mattress at the local Salvation Army shop. $150, looks (and smells) like it’s in really good condition, and we pick it up tomorrow afternoon.

And it’s supposed to be raining the rest of the week. Great for the plants, not so good for my nappies.

I have a 6 square metre area in our back yard dug up for a vegetable garden. Yep, so hopefully in a month or two we’ll have some fresh rockmelon (canteloupe), capsicum (peppers), butternut pumpkin (squash), and carrots (umm…carrots). Then I might try some more complicated plants, like strawberries, cauliflower, broccoli.

Speaking of plants, last weekend we lost our nectarine tree to a strong wind. It was mostly dead anyway, and what little fruit sprouted from it last year, the birds got to before we could. Now we’ve got space for an apple tree (when I get around to finding one).

Oh yes, and I got some bricks off Freecycle that we’re picking up this weekend too. Yay.

And this is what our bottlebrush looks like in full bloom. Here’s another.

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