How to make pajamas.

Step one, get the baby to sleep.

Yeah, so one of the patterns I bought yesterday was a pajama pattern. Kid to adult sizes. Of course if I cut out the smallest kids pattern, it becomes much more difficult to use the same pattern later for a larger kids size. At least the adult size is a separate one, and Darrin & I wear a similar size.

Anyway. I found some flannelette (minus the ‘ette’ for the Americans) in Big W the other day. They just sell big chunks of it there, not on a roll or anything where you can get a custom length. So on the label it had some suggested uses – cot sheet, baby blanket, toddler pajamas…hmm, I like that idea. Bought the pattern yesterday, started pinning out the pieces this afternoon after Caleb went to sleep (because the only uncluttered surface in the house at the moment is the low table in the lounge). And whaddya know, the piece wasn’t quite long enough for all the pieces. So off to Big W to get a second bit.

And in the instructions and on the back of the pattern envelope I see mention of “interfacing.” If I’ve ever heard of this before, I wasn’t paying attention, so off I go to Google. Ah, so it’s the stuff they put in the edging of clothes that falls apart so I end up pulling it out. And possibly also what I burned onto the bottom of an iron once. Supposedly it makes a stronger garment if you use it in certain places. But I kinda don’t feel like going back to Spotlight and getting interfacing, especially since it’ll have to wait for payday anyway (Thursday).

So. I’ve got enough fabric with some to spare, and I’ve got all the pieces pinned, now I just need to cut them out. And decide about the interfacing, of course.

Oh, also, this project is going to be my first one with buttons. So I get to try out the button hole thingy on my sewing machine. Eventually.

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